Kim Seviour, originally from Bath UK, joined Touchstone in 2007. Shortly after recording their first album, Discordant Dreams, they were voted Best New Band at the 2008 Classic Rock Society Awards. She enjoyed 8 years fronting Touchstone, touring with them extensively across the UK and Europe, as well as festival appearances at Calprog and Rosfest in the USA. Kim recorded four albums with Touchstone before leaving in 2015. Through her career, Kim has built a reputation for her incredible vocals and stage talent, so after leaving Touchstone she was signed to White Star Records in early 2016 to record her first solo album. Kim has also received many accolades over the years, such as being voted in the top 10 Prog Magazine’s Woman of the Year and Female Vocalist of the year multiple times, as well as being voted their 2013 Heartthrob of the Year!